Virtual Endpoint Examples

Are there more thorough examples or documentation of the virtual endpoints?

I’m missing something.

For example, can I create an endpoint with no target_url and have the virtual endpoint listen on /somepath/*anything*/?

The target_url refers to the upstream endpoint you want your api to point to.

I’m not 100% sure what you’re asking can you please clarify.


There is no upstream, it’s just a virtual endpoint.

EDIT: I just want a virtual endpoint to return some static data and a 200 at certain paths. But, those paths might have URL params (that I don’t care about).

You’ll need to specify something, however it can be a dummy endpoint (e.g.

Then just set the listen path to / and put your virtual endpoint on {x} as the path, this will translate into a regex under the hood and capture all requests, alternatively you can use an actual regex if you want to be more specific.