Uptime tests w/ service discovery backend


for test driving purposes I’m using a single instance of opensource Tyk.io gateway version. I’ve encountered issues when trying to use uptime tests functionality w/ service discovery backend. Service discovery module works fine in proxy block of Tyk configuration (using consul to discover backends for now), but the same configuration apparently does not work in uptime_tests block.

Configuration snippet:

"uptime_tests": {
"check_list": [],
"config": {
  "expire_utime_after": 0,
  "service_discovery": {
    "use_discovery_service": true,
    "query_endpoint": "",
    "use_nested_query": false,
    "endpoint_returns_list": true,
    "data_path": "Address",
    "port_data_path": "ServicePort",
    "target_path": "/health",
    "cache_timeout": 1
  "recheck_wait": 0

When Tyk starts, following error message is emitted:

time="Apr 27 13:44:03" level=error msg="[HOST CHECKER MANAGER] Decoder failed: invalid character '.' after top-level value"

So, the question is, is it possible to use Consul as a service discovery backend to provide target list for uptime_tests?