Tyk performance numbers

I had a few questions about the performance numbers posted here https://tyk.io/tyk-api-gateway-benchmarks/

  1. What was the CPU like ?
  2. I am assuming the times posted are pure overhead numbers and doesn’t include the round trip time to the target url that it is proxying to. Am I correct ?


These tests were on 2-Core DigitalOcean VMs with 2GB RAM

The numbers are the full request time, the target API was another (4 core) server running NginX and serving a static JSON payload.

Thanks for the reply. I should have been more specific with my question 1) What was the CPU utilization peak obeserved?

Hi Namrata,

At the higher end of the load count you would start seeing 90% CPU @ 3k tps. Depending on the workload, different configurations hit the CPU harder.

What we can say is that you can linearly increase throughout with more cores.

Many thanks,