Tyk OAuth 2.0 access_token expiry

Hello Geeks,

I am working on a requirement, which says a User can authorize a client to access a resource for particular days. We don’t want to use refresh tokens.

Can I make an authorization token to live a particular days instead of one-time use? Or Is there any way to change access_token expiry time dynamically? i.e. When the user authorizes the client, user should able to say for how much time the access_token will live.


Between i tried to use key rules while authorizing client, but still access_token has default expiry (i.e. 3600)
“allowance”: 1000,
“rate”: 1000,
“per”: 60,
“expires”: 2000,
“quota_max”: -1,
“quota_renews”: 1406121006,
“quota_remaining”: 0,
“quota_renewal_rate”: 60,
“access_rights”: {
“”: {
“api_name”: “”,
“api_id”: “”,
“versions”: [
“org_id”: “”,
“oauth_client_id”: “”,
“hmac_enabled”: false,
“hmac_string”: “”

Instead of expires i also tried to use
expires_in , oauth_token_expire but still no change. Also note that i have put proper values for org_id etc.