Troubleshooting Tyk Cloud Plugin "Middleware error"

I have set up a Python Tyk plugin (Post) according to the Tyk Cloud documentation. The control plane and edge both have plugins enabled. I set up AWS S3 and am able to upload plugins via mserv. I add the ID from mserv to the API’s Plugin Bundle ID.

When I execute a request against the API, I get “Middleware error” (response). The logs have no useful information… just a 500 error and no request/response data. I can’t seem to find a way to change the log level for Tyk Cloud. I also can’t use “Debugging” on the API from the dashboard. I get the error “No bundle base URL set, skipping bundle”… I am guessing this is because the plugin can only execute on the edge.

So I’m completely stuck since I have no idea how to troubleshoot this. Any suggestions?


Apologies for the delay!

We need your API definition and email of your account on Tyk Cloud.
Do you have exact time of these errors, so we can look up though our internal logs?

I recommend sending this data to [email protected].

Thank you!

Thanks for the response. I believe we will be forgoing Tyk Cloud. There doesn’t seem to be any documented way of adding pip packages, and we have no visibility into the logs. For this reason, it doesn’t seem to be a viable solution.


Totally understand the reasons of your frustration.
In general, for plugin development my go-to approach will be using local Tyk installation with free development license.

As for dependencies my suggestion will be to vendor all your changes Vendoring Python dependencies with pip | by Brett Langdon | Engineering Team | Medium

Hope it helps!