SSL error when accessing from docker network


Once again here for advice from this great community…

We are running tyk in a docker container along with few other service containers. We are using Tyk to proxy the external requests to the services and a few aggregations. Recently we started routing even the internal traffic [communication between service containers ] through Tyk.

Tyk is throwing SSL error when it receives requests from the docker network [i.e. internal containers, containers -> Tyk ]. However when we routing the request through KEMP [i.e. containers -> KEMP -> Tyk ], Tyk works ok.

The only difference we have observed is, KEMP has intermediate go daddy certificates along with the main certificate where as Tyk has only the main certificate.

Am I missing anything in the Tyk configuration? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.


Guys - can someone help on this?