Setting up TCP Proxy

Thanks for the reply @Olu.
I have a legacy system that can only interact via a TCP Port. My ultimate goal is to secure all calls made to and from the server that is running on that particular TCP Port. This is where Tyk comes into the picture, wherein Tyk acts as a Gatekeeper that proxies request to and from that TCP port exposed.
For more context please refer Support for Non-HTTP host - #7 by selvamp.

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@selvamp (Prashanth)

If the intent is to secure the connection, then we would suggest using TLS rather than just TCP service in Tyk and maybe use client certificates to identify users and grant/deny access.

Or you can you use your own custom auth plugin instead.

The use of client certs and TLS is generally dependent on the capability of the client app.

If the intent is to take the data (Headers and Body) and forward the same to a TCP Port, then I don’t know how achieve that unfortunately

Thanks @Olu for a detailed explanation. But, unfortunately my use case is one and the same as mentioned in the last sentence of your former message.
Anyways, cheers for the help and I hope the community can pitch in regarding how this use case can be achieved.

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