SES Dashboard to use instance Profile

Can Dashboard AWS SES integration be extended to use AWS instance profile?

Hi muthusk,

Amazon SES is supported , you can find more details in our documentation here

Kos @ Tyk Support Team


I am aware of that, but it requires to use Access Key and Secret key combination.
Out setup is already on AWS and we use AWS Instance profiles with necessary policies attached.
I am not sure how Dashboard integrates with SES, but there might be some minimal v4 signature etc would be involved.
all golang aws that relies on access key secret key requirement have started supporting instance profiles.
This way we need not explicitly specify access and secret key.

Hi Muthusk

I’ve asked one of the team to take a look at this, if its not something that we can support now, we’ll pass it on to the product team.

We’ll update here once we’ve been able to investigate.


Hi muthusk,

this driver was provided a while ago by our community and you can find the repo on GH here.

It needs to be updated in order to support AWS Instance Profile.
We are considering this as a feature for a future release, you can track its progress here.

Kos @ Tyk Support Team