Running in hashed keys mode

I recently setup an instance of Tyk in my environment to handle API requests. My application manages its own API keys so I planned on just syncing Tyk with my existing database on key create/delete/update via the Tyk API.

As such I would prefer that Tyk be able to show keys in the dashboard for easy inspection that things are going as they should. I set hash_keys=false in both the gateway and dashboard config files and restarted. I then created a new API key via the dashboard and another via the Tyk API using curl. I was running in hashed key mode for a short while before completing these steps.

I was hoping that I would be able to see both keys listed in the dashboard but I only see the one I manually created with the dashboard. In addition the dashboard still shows the ‘Tyk is running in hashed key mode’ text to the right of where the keys are listed. Am I misunderstanding something, did I configure it incorrectly, or is this expected?

Thank you.

Keys in Tyk are namespaces to a tenant when generated by the gateway / dashboard, this ensures key listings are scopes to only keys that are part of the organisation and not those for other tenants.

Custom tokens are not namespaced and so aren’t available for management in the dashboard.

It’s something we’re looking at addressing, but still trying to find a scalable / elegant way to handle it.