Routing Tyk dashboard through the gateway

hi all,
im currently seting up a self hosted offline tyk dashboard and gateway,

im using ssl for both dashboard and gateway and all is fine,
im now trying to setup the dashboard as a api in the gateway so it will not be accesseble directly through the web,

the dashboard is currently running in the same docker network as the gateway,
the docker network is bridged and i would like the only entry point to be the gateway at 8080

my problem is:
if i setup the gateway to load apis from a file, and setup the dashboard routing there,
it will no longer load apis form the dashboard which is the desired configuration.
the other option i can think of is to setup the gateway to load apis from the dashboard and add the dashboard as an api by sending a http request to the dashboard, the problem being that it is in the docker network and unacssesable from the outside, making it harder to implemet.

if you have a better way of setting up the dashboard to be routed through the gateway when unaccessable from the net i would love to hear it, or if you have any thoughts on my approaches.

im now working on the problem as well and will follow up on what i did or how i solved the problem.

Have you thought about having your Tyk install in a kubernetes cluster and running the gateway as an ingress/LB ?

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i haven’t, but were working in an offline enviroment,
which causes seting up kubernetes a hard task and it is not really a option currently.
we are trying to setup the microservice network using only docker, docker compose and tyk at the moment.
in addition, isn’t it generally a more secure way to setup your micro service network so that it is only accessable through the gateway, that way you get all the middleware and jwt checks for the dashboard admin api & GUI as well ?