Private API Documentation


We have some clients who have apis that are customised just for their requirements and so we do not want to list them in the API catalogue. Is there a way for these clients to view the relevant documentation without it being viewable to all clients.


Hi Ashter

Do these tickets in Github describe your requirement? It’s not a feature right now, but looks like it is in planning for future release if you are able to wait:

Alternatively, you have some other options:

  1. You can publish a policy to the portal without docs, those docs could be linked to on a different site. Not elegant perhaps!
  2. You can customise the portal, either by adjusting the current templates if fully on-prem, or if using SaaS, you could use a custom portal hooked into the API Calls - there is a wordpress API Management plugin that does this and might be helpful for customising what you need, there is also a third party custom portal, which could form basis of a customised development. In either of these customisation approaches, perhaps you could use our “tagging” feature to define what was displayed?

Hope that helps.


Thanks Jame. Option 1 may be the best approach for now. Thanks again.

Glad to help. Are you using Tyk cloud or Tyk On-Prem?