Portal Management: documentation is not visible to developers

In Portal Management - Pages:
I’ve added an URL to PDF document, because it is not possible to upload a PDF File.

2018-01-03 17-49-49

Now when developers click on “View Documentation”, then they get an empty page:

The documentation is not visible to developers. Can you please review?

These are the supported options for imported documentation:

You can also add text which contains markdown.

Yes, I’ve seen the three options. I’ve selected “From API Blueprint” where I understand a detailed documentation for users. I was missing an option to upload PDF documentation file, so I’ve added a URL to PDF. But the documentation is not visible to users. Can you please review? Swagger is not an option for me, because swagger is a more technical description, rather than an explaining documentation.

PDF isn;t supported I’m afraid - you will need to host this elsewhere.

Hello @Martin: Okay - thanks!