Policy using Dashboard API cannot be created using user permission "policies:write"


I am getting a response ““Not authorised - You do not have permission, please contact your administrator””, while creating a policy through the dashboard API “/api/portal/policies”.

The user has these permissions as assigned to its group:

“user_permissions”: {
“apis”: “write”,
“certs”: “write”,
“hooks”: “write”,
“idm”: “write”,
“keys”: “write”,
“oauth”: “write”,
“policies”: “write”,
“portal”: “write”,
“users”: “write”

Dashboard UI:
Even when I login in to the dashboard with only the above permissions, I cannot see the policies menu on the left.

Am I missing some specific group? I assumed “policies” should cover this action



Issue raised here: Policies:write permission not working - User cannot create a policy · Issue #1957 · TykTechnologies/tyk · GitHub