Planning to do Developer Portal using Tyk API's

Hi ,

I am new to Tyk. As i noticed Tyk is offering n number of API’s for developing developer portal. Is any one who used these API’s and developed developer site. Can you share me links who are all using these API’s.


Hi Mithun,

We do have some documentation on how to create new portal entries that might be of use at this link. In order to add new APIs, &c. you will need to use the Dashboard API. This section of our official documentation should help with this as well (the subpages in particular provide further detail as to how to construct the relevant HTTP requests).

Let us know if you have any further questions.

Kind regards,
Jess @ Tyk

Thanks @jess

Actually i dont want to use Tyk Portal (this link). I want to build from scratch using Dashboard API is that possible ?

If possible then do you have any link who developed like this ?


Hi Mithun

There is also a community produced wordpress plugin, to help you create a portal in wordpress very simply. It is already being used by a major rail company.

We have a blog post going live about it later today. Follow us on twitter or check our news pages later today for further news!


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