Noob Question: What are dashboard Users for?

I am looking at switching from ExpressGateway to Tyk for a microservice project I am working on. Tyk seems to be the perfect solution but I had one question relating to users.

What are “users” for in the Dashboard API? Would I insert all of my existing users into Tyk as Dashboard Users? So when a new users signs-up, under the hood my auth microservice would just hit tyk (POST /api/users)


Hi Anthony.
Have a look at
The 3 main roles in Tyk are users (of the dashboard, usually some type of admins), developers (that sign up through the developer portal and write apps that consume the API) and consumers/end users (those that use the apps that consume the API).
Hope this helps

So if I wanted to offload all of my auth to Tyk I would use consumers, right?

If yes, where is the API docs for creating consumer users?

It all depends - what is the AuthN and AuthZ schema that you require? Does each consumer need to be individually identifiable? Then you’d maybe need UserID / PW login, for which some form of IDP is required in the background, or a key was created per end consumer, a certificate - it all depends on what you need to achieve. If you have 1000’s of customers / consumers, then you don’t want to manage them in your CRM, customer DB or where ever AND in the Gateway / Dashboard.
I suggest you reply to my DM and describe to us your use case and requirements, we’ll get back to you with an idea of how to best implement.