No matches for kind "ApiDefinition" in version ""

I am trying to set Tyk OSS in kubernetes as ingress by following the document
I always met error:
error: unable to recognize “apidefinition_template.yaml”: no matches for kind “ApiDefinition” in version “
Do you have updated documentation for guidance? Thank you!

BR, Kevin

Hi @uzmo, the Tyk operator documentation is always evolving. Let me check if we have anything updated on this topic and get back to you.


@uzmo do you have CRD for ApiDefinition installed?

there is a guide here on CRDs and setting them up

@Gregor it’s working now, thanks. You are right, tyk is evolving too fast, the documentation is not well updated, it’s difficult to find out an end 2 end guide to set it up.

Glad you got it working @uzmo .

Just for future reference or anybody else who stumbles across this page tyk-operator/ at master · TykTechnologies/tyk-operator · GitHub

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