Mocking / Creating a JWT Token Issued by Tyk to call another MS

I’m trying to create a mock JWT token which will have as issuer the TykInternalGateway. This JWT will then be processed by another microservice which will validate the token. I want to test that microservice so would like to have a token which I can just pass to it which has as an issuer, the TykApiGateway. The algorithm used will be RS256. For example I am wanted to create a JWT similar to this:

“iat”: “12344”.
“iss”: “TykApiGateway”,

Is this possible?

Hi Geo,
If you want the gateway to validate the jwt it will need to know and trust the source - so yes this is possible by creating a virtual endpoint to create and validate the jwt.
If you just want to create a jwt from an existing public/private key pair you can do that via