Manifest Declarations

I have created a plugin in python that contains multiple folders (Python Packages) and each folder have multiple .py files i mean base clases interfaces and subclassess so how i will define these multiple folders and files in file please guide me as early as possible.

Well you should just define multiple files in manifest one by one, see this guide //


But my question is that i have multiple folders in working directory and each folder contain multiple files for example my main folder have file in which i have imported lib from different folder like from lib.method import Method,from interface.get Import Get so how can i define these folders which contain multiple .py file in manifest file so in short i am talking about folders not files

Thanx in advance

In manifest you provide just path to the files, including folder. Main idea of this list, is to tell Tyk which files to load from your bundle.

    "file_list": [