Logging gateway http requests to filesystem

On the public trello tyk gateway roadmap page, I see a card “detailed logging” under “To Document” list. is it about analytics_config.enable_detailed_recording or something more than that?

I am on v1.9+ and gateway takes the HTTP requests directly from consumers and there is no apache/nginx in front to reverse proxy it.
Would like to know if there is any hack to get gateway log the HTTP request to a file system just like apache / nginx.

It is that feature, but for the dashboard to visualise it.

As of 1.9.1 the feature to log all request data is available in the gateway, so you can get that now.

If you are adventurous and want to log to disk, take a look at Tyk Pump, which has a CSV exporter.

Note - you will need to switch off purging in your Tyk node for the Pump to work.

You will also need to compile Pump yourself :wink:

It will be part of a future release as an installable package.