Log error on key request

Hi (once again),

Following the installation guide of tyk (Ubuntu 14.05, apt install, all component on the same node), I have achieved to get everything up to work.

I have used the nginx configuration given by the old docs : https://tyk.io/docs/tyk-dashboard-v0-9/portal/getting-started/ to map my domain to the developper portal.

On key request from the dev portal, I get the following error :

ERROR Trying to create token from cvatalogue with no auth types! No supported auth types!

Anyway, a usable token has been successfully returned. Any explanation ?

Thanks !

Hi Xavier,

Most probably this error was caused by the addition of an Open API to the access rights of a policy you’ve edited. As Open APIs don’t need to be set up with a policy, removing this API from your policy settings should resolve this issue.

Hope that helps.

Jess @ Tyk

Hi Jess,

Thanks for your reply. The API was configured with basic-auth (not an opened one). Anyhow, after few days of tests, adding, removing APIs and so on, I do not see errors on key request anymore…!