Log browser, and session tags

I am constructing my own session object in JSVM middleware, then setting it via TykSetKeyData

When looking at requests in the dashboard log browser, I see a “gateway metadata” “tags” section.

If I specify additional “tags: [ tag1, tag2, tag3 etc ]” will these tags show up in log browser?

We are on hybrid1.5.3 and gw 2.5.2

Tried this but not seeing the tags listed :confused:

How can I get the tags on a session to show up in log-browser? Where are the tags shown under gateway meta data coming from?

Anyone have any thoughts?


Can you clarify if your JSVM middleware is a “pre” hook, or “post” hook?

So, for example, if you trying to update existing session in “post” Tyk can just ignore your changes, since it is already loaded the session and keep it in memory. But even in this case, your tags should appear on the second call.

If you try to inspect this token by key id in dashboard, do you see this tags attached to the key?

Thank you.

Leon - thanks, its a pre hook JSVM plugin