List of apis created

How can I get a list of all apis that have been configured in the dashboard using the rest api?

I am having trouble constructing a call that works.


Hi Chris,

The call would be:

GET http://{dashbaord}:{port}/api/apis?p=0

It returns a list of APIs, the dashboard API is documented here

Martin, I get the following error how do I pass in my authorization?
{“Status”:“Error”,“Message”:“Authorization field empty”,“Meta”:null}

As with all dashboard API requests, you need a valid Authorisation header:

authorization: 7a7b140f-2480-4d5a-4e78-24049e3ba7f8

You can get the token from your user detail page.

Right but I am struggling with the syntax, can you give me an example of a full get with the authorization token. So I am using postman extension in chrome and I see where to select authorization but I dont know if I should use basic auth, oath1 or oauth2 and what field my token should go into?