Keys alias have to be an e-mail and quotas mandatory


I have just updated to the last version of Tyk and I have noticed 2 changes that might be unintended while creating a key on the dashboard (JWT) :

  • The last field “Alias” is supposed to be used for “user email, or internal ID”. Since the last update, I can only provide an e-mail, I can’t provide an internal ID anymore :frowning: Is it a bug ?

  • The field “Quota resets every” is now mandatory, even if Max Quota is set to -1. Is it expected behaviour ?

Thank you for reading :slight_smile:

With regards to the second issue - you are correct, it’s a bug on the UI. Will open an issue to fix it. Thanks.

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With regards to the first question - yes it is. I will open a bug for it. Thank you!

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Thank you Yaara :slight_smile:

The alias bug has been fix but hasn’t been released yet.

The alias bug has been fixed and available on our cloud version.


Sorry, should have explained in the first place, but in any case of UI bug you can still make REST API call to the dashboard (useful for automation as well).
On Tyk Dashboard API you can find all the endpoints you need, so you don’t need to wait for a fix in order to continue your work.