Issue with multi regional tyk setup



We are facing RPC issues related to our multiregional tyk setup.
Our multi-cloud tyk gateway setup:


Because we have separate redis instances after doing a change in a dashboard API definition, only 1 tyk gateway are able to detect and apply changes: level=warning msg="[RPC STORE] Received Reload instruction!"

Other instance is keeping showing messages until service will be restarted manually: level=info msg="RPC is alive"

Is it possible to use same setup but to avoid having these issue?
There are plans to have 10+ regions and it will be quite convenient to use separate redis per region.



It looks like both gateways regardless of region might have the same group_id. This could be why they are both not receiving updates - because Tyk’s management layer see them as the same cluster.

Try setting a different group id to each cluster of gateways / region in your tyk.conf or via environment variable.


  "slave_options": {
    "use_rpc": true,
    "rpc_key": "YOUR_RPC_KEY",
    "api_key": "YOUR_API_KEY",
    "connection_string": "CONN_STRING",
    "enable_rpc_cache": true,
    "bind_to_slugs": false,
    "group_id": "region-A",           <-------- Unique per cluster / region
    "use_ssl": false,
    "ssl_insecure_skip_verify": true


That helped. Thank you