Is Tyk managing your APIs / Killer Robots / The New World Order? We want to know!

The Tyk gateway is open source and doesn’t ‘call home’, which means we don’t know what all of the thousands of developers, architects and (according to 3 free licence sign-ups) Mr Mickey Mouse, are doing with Tyk.

All we ask is that you reply to this post and write a few lines about how you use Tyk.

Are you building micro-services for Mega Corp Plc? Connecting smart appliances? or simply switching out some expensive old IBM tech? However impressive/boring/dodgy we just want to know.

So just write a few lines and we’ll send you a Tyk t-shirt and goodies in return.

(If you are using Tyk to control access to a “totally legit research base” under a volcano, or you think Jane in compliance has an NDA with your signature on it, you can email me directly at [email protected] and we’ll keep it between us.)


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