Is python3.4 is mandatory or 3.5 can be used


I am installing ubuntu 16.04LTS and I have python 3.5 installed built in, Is tyk works with it. Because I can not install python 3.4 version.

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That should be fine as far as i’m aware we support all 3.x versions.


Thank you for your quick response. of tyk-dashboard gives syntax errors for python 3.5 version. Since print statements are now functions in python 3.5, python commands won’t work in the script. I modified few lines but there few more syntax errors found. Is there any 3.5 compatible script is available. If not can I contribute to this.

And also when tyk-python process started it is looking for file.

Nov 29 17:01:05 ubuntu tyk-python[23102]: /opt/tyk-gateway/tyk-python: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

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