Is a redis cluster a pre-requisite to a tyk-gateway pro cluster?

I’m having trouble finding how some direction setting up a tyk pro cluster.

Do I just need to set up a redis cluster and share it among the nodes?

Hi JayCee,

You don;t need ot use Redis Cluster, but for bigger deployments, you will need to if you want HA.

To set up Redis Cluster with a set of Tyk Nodes, you just add the hosts to the hosts field in the tyk.conf (and all the other components have a similar setting). You need to also set the enable_cluster field to true under the redis settings.

The Tyk nodes themselves don;t need to be clustered in any way, they just need to be able to each see every redis node so they can distribute read/wriotes and find the right shard for keys.


Thanks Martin,

I also have some questions about the dashboard and pump.

Can the dashboard be set up as HA as well, probably behind HAproxy, does that just require both tho have access to a shared mongodb?

And does tyk-pump need to run on all of the tyk-gateway nodes, again with a shared mongodb?

MongoDB is shared across pump and dashboard

Tyk Pump can be horizontally scaled, and so can Dashboard we design all the components so that there can be more than one running at the same time :slight_smile: