Installing tyk on windows server

Hi ,
We are considring Tyk to be our API managment aplication.
What is the best way to install it on windows server ?


We currently do not officially support running Tyk on windows. Most likely it will run if you compile it by yourself, but we do not have enough resources and motivation to support this platform. At least at this moment. However, if you like adventures, it will be great if someone test it on windows, and for example submit pull requests (if needed), to bring windows support closer to reality.

Also worth noticing that Redis, which is our current main cache storage, have no official builds for windows too (but there is official, and quite good from what I heard). Keep it in mind.

Hope it make sense!

Leonid, Tyk Team

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Hi Miki,

Just to add to Leon’s answer, it might be worth trying to install Tyk with Docker if you’re using the latest version of Windows Server. A few Windows users have been able to install Tyk in this way in the past.

Kind regards,
Jess @ Tyk