I'm getting empty CSV files for statistics

I’m going initially with a ‘file’ install using .json and .csv files and only tyk-gateway with local redis.
All works fine, except I can’t get any info in the .csv files generated. They only show the header.

I have this in tyk.conf

“enable_analytics”: true,
“analytics_config”: {
“type”: “csv”,
“csv_dir”: “/opt/tyk-gateway/csv/”,
“purge_delay”: 60,
“ignored_ips”: []

Any thoughts ?

Hmmm looks ok to me, though CSV support in the core binary is pretty old - any errors in your logs? You have the purge set to 60 seconds, so data will only be written every 60s.

You could try Tyk Pump:

Which is replacing internal analytics purges to allow third-party DB’s and has updated CSV support.

Sorry…I’m getting a :

ERRO[3600] Couldn’t unmarshal analytics data:
ERRO[3600] EOF

I will try Tyk Pump by the way…