Hybrid: "log browser" hangs forever does not show any data

We have active traffic coming into our hybrid setup, however when we click on “log browser” all its does is sit there, with the yellow spinner spinning and the yellow bar at the top of the “log viewer” never completing.

Same result when specifying a specific API id

This is really preventing us from triaging some issues.

Occurs w/ folks in the office and away from the office.

When we go to “Traffic Activity per API” we do see various APIs “last access” column showing continual updates…

It looks like the collection housing this data is extremely large which may be what’s causing the issue in the log browser - it is a standard search query and not a pipeline aggregation, so if it needs to load large data sets it can timeout, it also looks like the quota provision for this account has been violated,. with three days of almost double the traffic that should have been going through hitting the gateway, this may also be a contributing factor.

k, yes there were some health checks when we went to prod, that were creating excessive traffic that has been resolved.