How can i add access right to a specify api Categories

Currently we have met two problems with tyk and tyk dashboard。I dont know how to solve it。

  1. how to create key with access right to all apis
  2. how to create a key with some apis, these apis belong to the same Categorie.

Currently tyk dashbaord only support give access to one api,and you need to select many times to give access to many apis.

Is there a proper way to solve the two problem?

Thanks very much!


  1. This case is quite dangerous and does not exposed to UI. However you can create it manually via Tyk Gateway API, by sending empty permissions object, and ensuring that tyk.conf has allow_master_keys to true.

  2. At the moment it is not possible. But if you will use policies, you do not have to update permissions per key. You attach policy, and after if you need to update list of supported APIs (e.g. if you added new API to given category), you just update policy, and all keys which were created using it will inherit new configuration.


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