[Gateway-standalone]Configure an API under an existing Listen path from another API

Hi All,

I’m having an issue when using multiple services which share part of the listen path.

for example:
/user → will show a list of users
/user/{userIs}/group → will show the users group

With this constellation I get an 404 from the service under /user.
I tried the “sort_by” value for the api definitions as well, but the error is still occurring.(Setting up multiple API's with different listen paths)

/user → sort_by: 10
/user/{userId}/group → sort_by:1
also tried to switch the values.

Is there a solution for this when using gateway only?

Best regards

As workaround I changed the load order for the api-definition-files by renaming them.

Yeah the sort_by key is DB only I think.

Probably your best bet :slight_smile:

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