Gateway and Dashboard aren't showing the same API information

I followed the standard setup guide for RHEL.
i realise that for storage* it uses redis, so in fact in month instances of gateway and indeed dashboard there is the very same reference(es) in the configs.

unforutantely, something strange is going on for my out-of-the-box instance.
yes i have setup via CLI, a working demo. (clean re-install has done away with my earlier issue(s), but)

it seems that gateway, despite moaning about duplicates existing, (thanks to manual CLI demo setup) if i try to re create the same via dash, appears to be ignore completely for the followup setup.

in fact,
as per debug - /mytest/ is that configuraiton-from-file
the new-created API, as noted below isn’t happening…
any common gotchas?

time=“Feb 27 16:53:06” level=info msg=“Loading API” api_name=“Tyk Test API”
time=“Feb 27 16:53:06” level=info msg=“Checking security policy: Token” api_name=“Tyk Test API”
time=“Feb 27 16:53:07” level=info msg=“Processed and listening on: /mytest/{rest:.*}”
time=“Feb 27 16:53:07” level=info msg=“Loading uptime tests…”
time=“Feb 27 16:53:07” level=info msg=“Initialised API Definitions”
time=“Feb 27 16:53:07” level=info msg=“API reload complete”
time=“Feb 27 16:53:22” level=error msg=“Could not add key for this API ID, API doesn’t exist.” api_id=a320b4a31f244521615bb1524a53472a key=58ad966d8f2f406d4a9758a6testuser org_id=58ad966d8f2f406d4a9758a6 path=-- server_name=system user_id=system user_ip=–

Hi, are you using the file-based configuration and the dashboard at the same time?

i may have answered my own question, as per @matiasb comment

noted that…
“use_db_app_configs”: true,
“db_app_conf_options”: {
“connection_string”: “http://dashboard_host:port”,
“node_is_segmented”: false,
“tags”: []

is what im after.

I do think this should be just as simply, noted in the installation documentation, since afterall it does have dashboard for gateway installation notes. :octopus:

ok. im good. now. topic resolved!