Endpoint with IP filter

Hi there, i try to set up my Tyk cloud account, i took all steps, created API slug and it works fine for me, but my real endpoint is the Elastic Search server with only few IPs in white list, what i try to do is to find the way to connect to this closed server, but without knowing the My Tyk cloud IP or something like this i don’t know how to do that. Maybe some one solved same problem in other way. Thank you in advance.

Hi @zyqsempai

The Tyk Cloud IPs will change all the time as it’s an autoscaling system, so the IPs will be different from day to day depending on how the cluster scales.

It might be better to use a NAT router or some other go-between to ensue secure access to your ElasticSearch system.

Thank you for reply. But what about to send some kind of authorization headers from tyk to endpoint, is there any way to do that?

Yes there is, in your endpoint designer there is a global options section where you can inject headers to be sent out with every request, this is the easiest way to identify traffic from Tyk Cloud.

Thank you very mach, i will try to do in this way.