Does On Premise Community Edition (CE) + Redis cluster support Gateway cluster?

Our requirement is to run an API gateway cluster and we are looking at Tyk. Does Tyk On Premise CE with Redis cluster as backend let us run Tyk API gateway cluster? I ask because Scalable Tyk Cloud pricing plans - API Management Platforms indicates that the on prem CE license allows to manage a single API gateway node and an on prem CE Pro license will allow to manage two API gateway nodes but there is no explicit mention of feasibility of running an API gateway cluster, so I wanted to understand the available options. Assuming the CE edition supports API gateway cluster, what is that we will be missing by not opting Pro (other than support)?

Thanks in advance!


The limit only applies if you wish to use the dashboard, if you are not using the dashboard (file-based configuration only), then you can use as many nodes as you like. But with the dashboard, Tyk is licensed per gateway being managed (with the 1 free).

Ah, thanks! That’s going to be unfortunately expensive for us at the moment (we are just starting). I will look at other alternatives.