Developer Portal - Hide "Request an API key" button?


Is there any way to hide the “Request an API key” button on the portal?

I’ve disabled login for the developer portal as we just want to use it as a documentation catalogue so clicking the button does nothing but it would be nice to be able to hide that button.

Is there anywhere where can maybe hide it using CSS? Is there a way to customise the CSS for the portal?


Further to this I’ve found the CSS section for the Portal. Interestingly there seems to be a bug in Chrome where if all the menu items are expanded in the Dashboard the CSS menu item is the very bottom one an is rendered off screen.

Collapsing the items and then expanding just Portal Management allows you to get to it.

Will have an experiment.


Resolved this with the following CSS:

.btn-success { display: none; }

It would be nice for that button to be classed with something other than standard bootstrap classes as currently this CSS will be hiding ALL success buttons! :slight_smile:

The portal templates are actually shipped with the dashboard, so you can override them under this dir: /opt/tyk-dashboard/portal/templates/

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