Developer can't able to login


  • I have tested the developer login with some email account. Some of them work fine. But with some email accounts, it creates the developer. But while login, It shows “Unauthorized error”. (via API)
  • And also is there a provision to check whether the email id they are providing is valid or not by sending a link to the mail?

Hi Preravana,

Could you please provide some more information about your login problems? Can all of your developers sign into the Developer Portal? Are you having problems with the API keys?

Developer emails and not currently verified for ownership, this is something we plan to implement in upcoming releases. There is currently UI validation in place to check that the email provided is in a valid format only.


I could able to register any email account. When I am trying to login, some of them shows error as “Unauthorised”.

Where are you trying to login? The Developer Portal?

yes via API using Postman

Could you please provide an example Postman request and then I can look into it further?