Could not add custom authentication python plugin


I followed the official documentation steps for deploying sample custom auth python plugin. When I access the API getting Key not authorised error. Provided logs below. This has became a bottle neck for me please any one help. I want to implement custom basic authentication using python plugin.

Error response
{ "error": "Key not authorised" }

Error during starting the process
Nov 28 19:33:14 ubuntu tyk-python[3097]: time=“Nov 28 19:33:14” level=error msg=“Middleware initialization error: <class ‘IsADirectoryError’> [Errno 21] Is a directory: ‘middleware’”

Error while accessing the API
Nov 28 19:36:09 ubuntu tyk-python[3097]: time=“Nov 28 19:36:09” level=error msg=“Can’t dispatch ‘MyAuthMiddleware’, hook is not defined.”

Thank You,

Hi Shiva

This is likely part of a bug that should be fixed in a patch soon. Keep an eye on the forum for the release notification when it comes.