Contributing to the Dashboard


Now I’m not expecting anything to come of this however I thought I’d drop it in as a suggestion!

So the fact that the tyk-gateway and tyk-pump are open source is great, and it’s really cool that we can contribute towards them (as I’ve done recently on the pump).

The one bit that’s missing is contributing to the dashboard. Now I’m not expecting you to open source it! After all it’s part of your business model for the professional licensing.

What might be cool to think about is the ability for those that have licenses maybe considering providing private repo access to assist in development of functionality.

Obviously there’s security considerations like ‘but then they’ll be able to reverse engineer the license keys!’ but I guess if this was moved out to a module outside of the dashboard repo that code could be kept separate from the dashboard code which is then open for contribution by those that have professional licensing.

One to think about anyway (like I said I’m not expecting anything from this!) - would certainly differentiate yourselves even more from the rest of the API gateway crowd!


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