Combine two micro-services to one API


I’ve two micro-services.

The first one expose the data model:

  • http ://host:8002/complexes
  • http ://host:8002/complexes/{id}
  • http ://host:8002/complexes/{id}/parks
  • http ://host:8002/complexes/{id}/parks/{id}
  • etc…

The second one adds some statistic datas:

  • http ://host:8003/complexes/{id}/stats

I what to combine these two services with tyk gateway, to a single endpoint, and use the cache functionnality:

  • https ://host:443/complexes
  • https ://host:443/complexes/{id}/parks
  • https ://host:443/complexes/{id}/stats
  • etc…

Is it possible to do it with tyk ? And how ?

Thank you,


That could get tricky because of the dynamic ID on the listen path, this would be one API definition and therefore a single upstream target.

It’s skmething we’re looking to address in future versions, by not something Tyk can do at the moment without changing the base path of the API.