Client Registration for Oauth failing


I have an API setup with OAuth on Tyk.
However, when I try to register a client, it fails.

I see “Could not retrieve apps list” error on the dashboard on the page to register clients.
When I click 'Add new client" button and give the redirectUri and create a client, I see an error “Could not create new app”

One thing I noticed is that the page on the dashboard that displays the registered client is making a request to “http:///api/apis/oauth/569931ebc88ee8000a000005” which is getting a 404 response. Seems like the URL has ‘oauth’, which shouldn’t be there.

Any suggestions on where to look or how to fix this error ?



Oauth clients are stored in Tyk Gateway, can you create keys via the dashboard?

Tyk Dashboard needs to see the gateway in order to manage OAuth clients.

If you can create keys though, then there’s something else going on.


Hi Martin,

Thanks a lot.
The tip about creating Keys actually pointed us in the right direction.
Due to some changes we made, the dashboard wasn’t able to find the gateway. I found this by trying to create a key on the dashboard.