Cannot create a policy using Dashboard

The Access Right drop down is empty. But on the Add Key page it is populated with the list of APIs.

Are these API’s Keyless?

what do you mean ‘Keyless’? I created a key and set it as Auth token and the rules I created in the key are applied.
So the rule enforcement works, but the policy cannot be created.

I got it what your were asking and that fixed the problem. The Key can be created for open (Keyless) api.

I’m evaluating Tyk for our organization and trying to set up POC.

Thank you!

No Problem :slight_smile: basically you can’t set up policies or auth rules for API’s that are not protected by a token. Which is why they didn’t appear in the drop down if the policy list.

I guess I need your guidance for Tyk configuration.
We have 20 APIs, and more that 10000 API users, and the number of users is growing.
We are using oAuth authentication.

The very basic requirements are:

  1. Throttle the endpoint if the quota exceeded.
  2. Have a statistics on number of API hits per user per API for billing the users.
    Any suggestions?
    Appreciate your help and time.

Hi Igor,

I think we can definitely help you there.

  • Throttling is easily supported on either a per-key or on a group policy across tokens / clients
  • All user tokens carry their own Analytics, so you can easily pull that data out of Tyk and get it into a billing solution to charge for usage, or you can use the event hooks on a quota exceed / quota approaching for API usage

Both of these are out of the box, you don;t need to use our OAuth solution, but you will need to let Tyk know about the keys somehow.

Let me know if that sounds like somewhere to start.


Can I publish an API in catalogue being Keyless?
It doesn’t appear in the dropdown, I don’t know if it should be or you’ve configured tyk to do that.

Best regards,