Can´t Open Developer Portal

Today was my first day with tyk i got dashboard and gateway running (hurray :).

I really liked what i see but i need some help for starting/opening the developer portal.

I set everything like in the pages section - create a new page with default template, set the hostname in /etc/hosts, enable API to public as well i set the cname correctly.

My dashboard is opens at - everything works fine here. when i try to open the developer portal, a new page opens to - but then i got a “not found” message.

I tried to find a fix here in the forum and i saw that some other users had the same issue, but most cause the cname and hostname settings were wrong.

I also see no infos in the log files of tyk.

Does anyone run into the same issue before?

Thx for any help.


i figured it out and it seems that when your dashboard is listen on, you can’t set the developer portal to the same domain.

So i simple set the cname to another subdomain like and after that the developer portal opened successfully.

Maybe that can help another developer.


You are totally correct, the portal domain must be separate :slight_smile: