"Authorization field missing"

I am evaluating Tyk using the cloud platform.
I have an api (openapi v3) stored somewhere and it is possible to access it using apiurl/explorer.
I set the api in tyk dashboard. It gave me back tyk url so I try tykUrl/explorer and I am getting an error message :
Autorization key is missing.

Any idea where this can come from ?

Kind Regards

Hi Philippe,
Your api should be protected (secure)

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Thanks for your answer

One more question:
I am using Loopback4 framework for APIs. They provide a jwt once the user has loggued in.
So, the login endpoint is not secure and all the other enpoints can be secure.
An idea on how to handle this please?

Thanks and Regards,

Philippe, lots of ways to handle this!

Simplest would be to use the “whitelist” plugin, to whitelist a single endpoint in your API. you can read more about it under the Tyk documentation!