API Key to User Usage

In Tyk Dashboard I see usage by Keys, but it is hard to co-relate it to username or account name. is there any way where we know which user the particular key is associated.

Please note that I’m referring to section “Traffic Activity by Key” in the Dashboard section.


No, identity mapping goes Developer -> Token, not the other way.

We’re looking to add analytics to he developer view so that aggregates can be generated on a per user basis.

Yeah, that would be of great help because I’m not able to co-relate API usage to Developers and which developers are using what all API calls.

You can, if you go to the developer view, you can see what tokens they have, and then click on the analytics link by the token to see what the usage is for that token.

Yeah, tried it. about to say that.
On thing is that you have to click on “Edit” button which is not intuitive.

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