API healthcheck

Hi there, I am trying to bypass auth for spring boot actuator health check.
The rest of the api is protected with openid, I want only the health check to pass freely.
Since white_list will always go through auth I’ve read that ignored should do the trick

my extended path conf is

“use_extended_paths”: true,
“extended_paths”: {
“ignored”: [{
“path”: “/commands/actuator/health”
“white_list”: [],
“black_list”: []

Now the requests goes through but it does not seems to be forwarded to my service.
I do get a 200 response but the body is empty.
Obviously I would need a response body
“status”: “UP”

Am I doing something wrong or it is not possible?

Great rubber ducking.
OK it was something wrong in my custom plugin.
It seems I now get a 401. Will continue to investigate.

Ok…it was something on my side.

In order to bypass auth all you need to do is.

       "use_extended_paths": true,
        "extended_paths": {
          "ignored": [{
            "path": "/actuator/health"
          "white_list": [],
          "black_list": []

Hope this helps someone.