[4/9] Introducing Tyk Side Project Fund Winner Liyas Thomas

Meet our fourth winner of the Tyk Side Project Fund - @liyasthomas, for the project Postwoman. Liyas started programming at the age of 15! From studying computer science engineering at university to building open source projects, bringing together and working with contributors from different parts of the world- it has been quite a journey for Liyas.

The main reason why I started contributing to open source projects was self-development. Companies are looking for your involvement in different projects focussed on practical experience, not just your university grades. So one of the reasons that I turned to open source development was so that I could get a good day job.

Read more about Liyas and his project here: API Building Side Project: Postwoman is like a Tyk winner!

If you’re looking to play around with APIs and build requests without ever going out of your browser or downloading other apps, do check out Postwoman: https://postwoman.io/

The project is also open source so if you’d like to contribute, check out their GitHub repo.

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Thank you @Shreyas for the kind intro.

Me and our team behind Postwoman are very excited to receive Tyk’s Side Project Fund. This helps us a lot to keep building an open solutions to test and monitor REST/GraphQL APIs, WebSocket/SSE endpoints, Socket.io clients, MQTT brokers, generate API documentations etc.

Web app: https://postwoman.io
We’re :heart: open source: GitHub - hoppscotch/hoppscotch: 👽 Open source API development ecosystem - https://hoppscotch.io

Feel free to ask me anything .