Bugs and errors

Websocket inaccessible on kubernetes deployment (3)
Tyk 2.0 Analytics not displayed in dashboard (4)
Policy using Dashboard API cannot be created using user permission "policies:write" (1)
X-Request-Id header not passed to upstream API (4)
Version information not found (2)
Having issues with Developer Key Access Rights (1)
Error while uploading certificate in Tyk Dashboard (1)
Url rewrite plugin in combination with the whitelist plugin (10)
Wrong HTTP return code for expired JWT (exp claim) (3)
Create multitude URL Rewrite records, only show one record in API End point (2)
Appear "Bearer token malformed" error for OAuth 2 (4)
Python middleware initialisation fails with multiple files (1)
Murmur3 32 bit hash mismatch (7)
Cannot resolve key from Developer Search results in Management APi (5)
Can no longer authenticate with Tyk Dashboard API Access Credentials after restarting services (8)
TIB-v0.3.0 LDAP login error (1)
Access to this API has been disallowed - Open ID Connect (1)
Uploaded file gets corrupted when using GRPC custom middleware in tyk-gateway 2.7.0 (9)
Http proxy error under high load (5)
"Access to this API has been disallowed" error is sometimes thrown by Tyk (16)
Pump to elastic 6.3.2 fail with error node available (2)
Request body malformed (4)
Tyk (1.7) and Consul (1.2.1): it is not working (11)
Redigo: nil returned (3)
Tyk gateway and dashboard can't talk to each other if there's no licence key in tyk_analytics.conf (1)
Ouath scope and state lost in redirect (8)
Implicit flow in swagger based api with wrong redirect uri (2)
Cannot create a key - Tyk Cloud (4)
Authentication Token less than 4 characters (6)
Whitelisting routes not working with other plugins enabled (3)